One of the stories that never happened From one of the files that don't exist...

Have you ever completed impressive work, that you are not allowed to showcase? If so, you are not alone. At Pixelsmith, we have clients that also restrict showcasing completed work.

It’s a sensitive and complicated matter. Even though we have spent the better part of the year working on several sites, many of them are behind lock and key (requiring authentication), built for a very specific audience or worst of all, failed to launch altogether.

This doesn’t mean we are not proud of our work or that we don’t continue to push the boundaries. It does however, mean that we have many projects that have not been revealed to anyone.

A few examples:
• Animated SVG path, parallax, while panning the viewport (effectively moving diagonally as you scroll up/down), completed. (Failed to launch)
• A hybrid (PHP/CMS) events site connected to external APIs, while leaving speakers/sponsors under admin control, completed. (Not allowed to show)
• Assisted in creating the front end of a massive online web app for loyalty rewards program, completed. (Behind closed doors)

As we grow, this continues to be an issue. We would like your feedback! How do you showcase impressive work that you have completed, yet are not allowed to display? Let us know @pixelsmith_co

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