SSL – the new standard Predictions for 2017? Google will make SSL/HTTPS the norm.

Taking payments online? For a long time people have learned to trust the lock icon in the browser to understand their information is secure. Years ago Google pushed for everyone to use HTTPS due to this security. Of course all Google properties are doing this, but why wouldn’t you want it for yourself?

Too hard?

  • There is a first time for everything. The first time we set it up it took us less than a half day. We had extra hurdles configuring it for our specific server as it hosts many staging sites.

Too expensive?

Now that you’re past the reasons not to get SSL, lets talk about some of the reasons your company would benefit from it.



  • Seeing that icon I believe conveys a message that your site is trustworthy, and┬átherefore so is your brand.

So before the year is out, get your site setup for SSL, you won’t regret it.

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