HTTP2: faster is better Finally a win for the web - offsetting some of the slowdowns.

We’ve been pushing more and more cats through the tubes since we’ve found ways of making the web richer. Images, JS, CSS, video — its all adding to our bottom line. Web performance isn’t often discussed as a budget like a financial budget is for a site. There are plenty of stats that prove faster is better.

The faster you get content to visitors, the more traffic you see.

We’ve recently updated our server to use the HTTP2 protocol. This allows more concurrent assets to be transferred at one time. Our site saw about a 20% speed improvement, our site is full of text, code and other things that are inherently fast anyway. The biggest benefit are for those image heavy sites, especially ones with many images, such as this demo. Certainly thats not a practical real world demonstration of a standard implementation, but many sites have thumbnails, icons and dozens of other assets that can and should be loaded in tandem.

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